Familia Fernandez Olmeda

Hoy Jueves  hemos realizado una excursión a Higuey que ha sido una excursión maravillosa, hemos disfrutado de la comIda típica de aquí, de la playa, de la visita a la escuela, hemos podido ver la realidad de su gente que por desgracia no tiene nada que ver con la zona turítica, somos repetidores de Punta Cana y no descarto volver el otro año.

De la guía y el chofer solo se me ocurrre una plabra: MARAVILLOSOS.

Familia Estevez, hotel Riu Naiboa, hab. 3433

La verdad que estamos muy agradecidos de haber asistido al la excursión para conocer la verdadera realidad del país pues en el hotel es muy diferente.

La visita en la casa típica fue espectacular.



after posting some of the information about our “Saona Deluxe“ excursion, I thought I’d post a quick review and some pictures of our favorite trip / excursion while we stayed at the Palladium Bavaro.

The excursion was called “Country & People” and was put on by “Higuey Adventure Tours”.

Pick up was fairly early in the morning, I think around 8am. Our tour guide was Adalberto who spoke fairly fluent German (tours are also available in Spanish, English and French). He had a lot of great stories and anecdotes about almost everything we asked about.

Our first stop was at a sugar cane plantation. Sugar cane is harvested by Haitians and is exclusively transported to US companies in country for processing. US companies own and operate pretty much ALL the sugar companies in the Dominican Republic. The Haitians can get paid as much as $150/month if they put their entire family to work. The going rate is $2 per ton of cane they deliver. The sugar cane gets transported by oxen (see pictures).

Our second stop was at a tobacco factory where we were given a presentation on how tobacco is grown and how it is processed into cigars (hand rolled). We also had the opportunity to purchase cigars etc, but hardly anyone did and the stop was fairly short.

Next stop was at a large market. This was very interesting. Our guide explained a lot to us about all the fruits and vegetables that are grown in country and sold at this market. The pictures don’t do all the wonderful colours (and smells) at the market justice. We also stopped at a small store where we purchased pens and some lollipops for the children we were going to visit later in the day.

Next stop was at a 16th century church that was founded by Columbus. It is the oldest church still in use in the area.

After that we drove up a hill from where we could see all of Higuey. The stop was at a monestary that included a small banana plantation. We could also see the “Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia” from here. After some snacks and more to drink we continued on.

Next stop was the “Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia”. This cathedral is the most famous one in the Dominican Republic and was even visited and blessed by the Pope. Believers in the entire country try to do a pilgrimage here once a year. The entrance doors tell the story of the important events in the last few hundred years. Very impressive.

After a slightly longer drive we arrived at “Rancho Jonathan”. There we had lunch (buffet) and a chance to go horseback riding.

From there the trip continued into the mountains to visit a family of coffee growers. We got a demonstration in how coffee is grown, harvested and ground into coffee. We also saw how cacao was grown and processed into the most wonderfully flavoured powder (we bought two large containers and thought back to the trip every time we had some).

The last stop was a school where we got a chance to see how the school system works. We talked briefly to the professor and left pens for her students. The kids sang a song for us too.